Why AHF?

For the common people, a bag of rice, a cartoon of noodles, an opportunity to school, an opportunity to medical care and a clean water supply can transform everything.

About 90 million people - roughly half Nigeria's population - live in extreme poverty

Poverty is a disease, one that we all need to fight together. People are living though lives. The pandemic isn’t making things better either. With cities locked down and economies shattered, poor people are living like dogs in the streets. The number keeps increasing, medical attention also on the rise. We can fight this, we can end this together with your help, we can stretch our arms of hope to the have none and restore hope for better tomorrow.

How do we tackle the poverty crisis?

100% of your donation is used to help people in these hard times. No donation is too small because the measure of life is its donation. Providing clean water, food, health care, accommodation, education and so on will help reduce poverty in these parts of Africa.

Every ₦1 we have invested draws us a step closer to eliminating poverty.

So many people have donated to us over the years, with each act drawing us a step closer to eliminating poverty. We have invested in so many projects(small, medium, large) all towards making life better. Every naira we’ve spent over the years is a calculated strategy towards eliminating poverty and promoting care and love between people.