Vivian Anthony

My name is Vivian Anthony, I lost my dad at the age of 6 years old. I was left with my poor windowed mother to cater for myself and my four other siblings. Life after the demised of my father became so tough that my mother had to put up with all manner of jobs to cater us us. She went from house help, to hair making, to food trading etc.

When it was time to further my education there was no means to fund my education until the arm of foundation learnt of my challenge and placed me under her scholarship scheme as a widow’s child.

I am currently undergoing my legal education as a law student in the university of Port Harcourt, Nigeria courtsey of the Arm of Hope Foundation, this wouldn’t have been possible for my mother to finance and I may not have been able to access the four walls of university to study an elite course such as Law. The Arm of Hope Foundation is helping realize my dream of becoming a Lawyer through this scholarship and I am entirely grateful

Below is the yearly budget to keep Vivian in school

Accommodation : #130,000 ($179)

School fees: #100,000 ($132)

Textbooks: #45,000 ($59)

Total :#275,000 ($362)

Your kind donations is highly needed to finance her education

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