Shalom Silas

My name is Shalom Odinakachi Silas. That very fateful day on the 24th of September 2021 I thought I lost every reason to smile again when I lost my Dad in a terrible car crash. I felt that it was the end of the world for me and my future has been destroyed, I was devasted and crushed until the Arm of Hope they came to my aid to fill the vacuum of my father. When I thought my education will end at SS3 without even an O/level. Arm of Hope Foundation made it possible for me to be in University today. I really appreciate this foundation for giving a rare opportunity to afford education in the university of Port Harcourt where I am studying environmental biology. The foundation paid my clearance fees in full which was a huge amount of money, I doubt my mother would have had the means to pay my fee at the time it needed to be paid. All thanks to the Arm of Hope Foundation for giving a platform to be educated.

Below is the yearly Budget to support Shalom complete her education

School Fee #200,000 ($260)

Accommodation: #130,000 ($179)

Textbooks: #40,000 ($52)

Total : #370,000 ($481)

Your donations and support will enable us to keep Shalom in school

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