In the case of Mr. Eke Ukaonu, a diabetic retired soldier whose right limb was amputated due to foot ulcer at Enugu State University Teaching Hospital, the information of his plight was brought to our foundation’s head office by his daughter who abandoned her education in the University of Port Harcourt as the school fees given to her was being used for her father’s medical treatment until she could no longer both attend school nor continue with the treatment of her dad. Her story was so pathetic that the president of AHF directed the medical department to visit the hospital and ascertain the true position of what was told by his daughter. After the visit of the medical team, Mr. Eke Ukaonu’s story was confirmed not only to be true but even worse than what was told as the hospital has long abandoned treatment and removed him out of the bed to the floor and yet could not be allowed to go home as a result of ₦428,000 being the amount already incurred at the time treatment was abandoned. The board on receiving the report, authorized the immediate payment of the bill and the continuation of treatment until he was discharged and wheel chair was bought for him.
His daughter, Miss Joy Ukaonu Was also granted scholarship by the foundation to complete her education in the University of Port Harcourt.
Mr. Eke Ukaonu was given a prosthesis limb bought for him by the foundation and was financially empowered to become self-reliant.

The pictures above shows Mr. Eke Ukaonu while in the hospital.
The picture above shows Mr. Eke Ukaonu about to be wheeled out of the hospital to his home by the foundation’s medical team.
The picture above shows Mr. Eke Ukaonu and his wife receiving financial empowerment after they were brought home by our team
The pictures above shows Mr. Eke Ukaonu walking without being carried by someone as before