Miss Chika Okafor, a young lady from Imo State, Nigeria, was a victim of a ghastly auto crash that led to the amputation of her right leg in Anambra State University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi. After almost a year in the hospital receiving treatment for the amputated leg, her bill rose beyond the capacity of her poor parents who had nowhere to go for help. Her joy and that of her widow mother knew no bound as our medical team who visited the hospital on the 3rd of November, 2011 due to information earlier received about her plight, paid her bill (₦687,000) for which she was held hostage for over two months after she was due to go home. A wheel chair was bought for her at the cost of ₦36,000 only and she was taken home by AHF medical team on the same day.

Above are the pictures of Miss Chika Okafor being wheeled out of the hospital ward where she had been detained for over two months, on her way home.