Nelson Precious

My Father served in the Nigeria police force and was killed on the 20th of January 2011 due to an attack on their way while escorting pilgrimages to the airport, on finding out that her husband was murdered, my mother went to my father’s office to see for herself, she cried and grieved due to the loss, while crying,the president of arm of hope foundation saw her on the ground and consoled her.. After the demise of my father, things became very difficult as pressure from our school and upkeep became very hard to manage, the Arm of Hope Foundation learnt of our plight and came to our rescue. I was placed under a scholarship and the foundation took full sponsorship of my welfare .

Nelson Precious is a computer science student in Ignatius Ajuru University, Rivers State Nigeria.

Below is a yearly budget for his education

Accommodation: 130,000 ($179)

Fees: #82,100 ( $108)

Textbook : #40,000 ( $52)

Transport: 260,000 ( $338)

Total : #512, 1000 ($665)

Your support is highly needed to see Precious through school

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