Miss Oriri Otite Bosco Story

Miss Oriri Otite Bosco hails from Delta state in Nigeria. She is a widow’s child who lost her Father on the 10th day of April 2003 when he was shot by armed robbers. Her mum was left to fend for 4 children and she found it difficult to pay for their fees.

In 2012 the AHF president paid a visit to the University of Port-Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria for a program. Miss Otite who was a basic student of the university at the time was at the same program which she had reluctantly attended after much convincing from her friends.

The arm of hope foundation awarded scholarship to all the widows’ children whose mothers couldn’t afford their fees and she was amongst the beneficiaries. The AHF went ahead to pay her fees throughout her academic journey. This act of kindness by the foundation spurred her academic drive and she went on to gain full admission in of the University of Port-Harcourt.

Miss Otite was admitted to study civil engineering at university and later graduated in flying colors bagging a first class, she also became the best graduating student in her faculty and department respectively. Making history as a first class student which seemed impossible to achieve in the entire department and also being the first female student to achieve such heights.