Market Visitation and aid

During our April hope work at Kala Market in Rumuepirikom, Mrs. Fabian Stella, a native of Akwa Ibom State was one of the women we assisted at the market.

On our arrival, she had water leaves she needed to pluck, melons she needed to peel as well customers to attend to

Our presence reduced her day-to-day market stress as we assisted in getting her goods ready for sale.

Mrs. Tambari popularly known as Mama Agorgo is a mother of three. She has been selling in the market for the past 15 years.

She happens to be one of the women Arm of Hope Foundation assisted in the market by attending to those who came to buy from her in the market, running her market errands, and cleaning up her market space

Mrs. Christopher Blessing is a mother of four children who has been selling pepper for the past four years at Kala Market in Rumuepirikom, Rivers State.

She was one of the market traders Arm of Hope Foundation rendered assistance in selling her pepper to those who came to buy from her in the market, we also ran errands for her and cleaned up the space where she sells her pepper…

Mrs. Blessing could not contain her joy having received this assistance from the Arm of Hope Foundation

Arm of Hope Foundation lent a helping Hand to Kala Market Traders at Rumuepirikom in attending to their customers, running market errands for them, and doing their cleanup. We hope as you patronize them in the future, you don’t bargain so hard.

These traders do business not to buy designer bags or clothes but to live and survive with their children daily

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