This was the case of Miss Anastasia Ndum!

Miss Anastasia Ndum, a native of Ogoja in Cross Rivers State, Nigeria, was a victim of a ghastly motor accident that almost took her life, on her way to Port Harcourt from Ogoja to visit her cousin. Her leg was crushed and was later rushed to a certain orthopedic hospital in Port Harcourt where she was treated but instead of getting better, she almost lost the leg as it started to decay.

Due to lack of finance, Miss Anastasia Ndum was taken to Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) where advertisement was compassionately made on her behalf to solicit for funds to enable her salvage the bad state of her leg. After months of the advertorial appeal, little or nothing came in for her treatment. She was later being carried by some good Samaritans from one church, company, individuals to another seeking for help until hope came her way on her arrival to Arm of Hope headquarters where she met with the president, who saw the sorry state of her leg and personally drove her by himself to an orthopedic specialist, Dr. Amaechi of Christiana Specialist Hospital Egbu, Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria where Miss Anastasia Ndum was admitted for about two years and had four different surgeries on the same leg while in admission.

Against all hope, Anastasia’s leg was recovered after a long battle by the orthopedic specialist, Dr. Amaechi and his team. She was later discharged from the hospital and her leg restored as she can now walk comfortably with her legs as can be seen on the pictures below.

After recovery, she was later awarded a scholarship in the University of Port Harcourt by the foundation where she graduated from the department of English studies.