Flood and Intervention


Flood is a natural disastrous occurrence when water overflows or submerges land that is normally dry. Floods can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large affecting the entire river basins. In 2012, part of the south, east and northern parts of Nigeria were submerged by flood. The affected areas in the south and east include: Omoku, Ahoada, Ndoni, Egbema Local Government Areas in Rivers State, Yenegoa in Bayelsa State, Oguta community in Imo state, etc. The flood displaced so many people from their homes destroying farmlands, properties, livelihoods, etc. that runs into billions of Naira.

Pictures above show Flood devastation at different places

The displacements led to the formation of camps in various states’ local governments that were affected. AHF throughout the duration of the flood, mobilized her volunteers and visited all the camps within Rivers, Bayelsa and Imo states. Trucks were hired to convey foodstuffs, food, drinks, clothes, water and medications. Despite the very difficult and dangerous terrain the flood turned the roads into, AHF were determined to reach out to the victims wherever they were found.

Pictures above show AHF Volunteers on the move to reach displaced persons in the camps with relief materials

The government showed little or no concern immediately after this disaster occurred, but later billions were said to have been raised and allocated to state governments to provide response, relief and rehabilitation to the affected citizens but it was discovered from our investigation on arrival to the various camps and confirmed by the victims that they never received such monies, also items provided by donor agencies, companies and individuals were diverted and carted away by the people assigned to distribute such items to the victims.
On our arrival we were baffled at the deplorable and unhygienic state the camps were as men, women and children were scattered everywhere in starvation with no water for drinking or sanitary purposes. We also meet pregnant women who gave birth to children in the camp.

AHF mobilized and visited all the camps with foodstuffs, cloths, water, drinks, food and medications with our medical team on daily basis throughout the duration as seen below:

Pictures above show AHF Volunteers mobilizing to visit displaced persons in the camps with relief materials

As earlier said, on our arrival the camp was rowdy, disorganized as children were seen crying for water to drink and food to eat. We immediately started by giving them food and water to eat and drink beginning from the children, women and the rest of the victims in the camp, after organizing them in queues in order to reach each and every one of them. Our resolve to attend to them individual was as a result of the fact that companies and other donors who brought relief material were being carted away.

Pictures above show AHF Volunteers giving relief materials to displaced persons in the camps

Every single victim in the camp were all attended to by AHF in all the camps we visited. The women who gave birth in the camp were taken out and brought to AHF headquarters in Port Harcourt where they were accommodated, cared for and vaccinated. They were kept until the flood was over and were later taken back to their homes with bags full of food and clothing items for the mother and children.

Pictures above show AHF medical team taking care of the women that gave birth in the camps and their new born babies

Victims of the flood who delivered in the camp ready to go to their homes after the flood from AHF headquarters.

Throughout the flood our dedicated medical team were in camp attending to the medical needs of the victims as seen below.