Arm of Hope Foundation School

arm of hope school

The first secondary school built by the foundation was in Dogo Nahawa, Plateau State in the northern part of Nigeria. The remote community was ravaged on the 7th of March, 2010 by the unwarned attack of the Fulani herdsmen, killing over 354 persons and leaving several mothers widowed, children wounded, orphaned, and internally displaced.

AHF visited Dogo Nahawa community after these attacks, conducted a community survey, and identified the great need for educational intervention since their schools were damaged. The Arm of Hope Memorial Grammar School was constructed thereafter and all the children who had no access to education were granted free education and entrance into the school and their caregivers were assured of our continued support to ensure they remain in school. AHF offered disadvantaged children and youths free education from primary school level up to university level.

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