Our Mission

To become a beacon of hope for the less privileged and impoverished communities.

Our Vision

To meet the core needs of the disadvantaged miniorities in remote impoverished communities, improving their standard of living and affecting a positive social change in their lives.


Arm of Hope Foundation (AHF) is a Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization established in 2005 as an independent charity organization and was later incorporated in 2010 to meet the growing needs of vulnerable people on a wider scale.

Born out of compassion for the poor, the down trodden, the vulnerable, widows and backed with life experiences, the foundation is not just about empowering these special people but to constantly monitor how they manage their lives, knowing that we have become part of them and as such, they can confidently say “we have been taken care of”.

Backed by a determined and passionate board, a team of passionate staff and a robust volunteer base, Arm of Hope Foundation is continually making waves in empowering generations.

Words we live by

  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Equality
  • Transparency
  • Leadership

Founder story

Eugene Ogu experienced a series of difficulties growing up and understood from experience what poverty was really all about. He was born into a family of 10 children and at a young age, their parents died leaving him and others to fend for themselves. His education ended at primary four(4) and shortly after he went on to learn carpentry.

Accommodation was a problem so he went on to sleep on the carpentry table for four years and seven months and later moved into a hut where he lived for another four years. In the midst of his then isolated and abandoned life of hopelessness, Eugene through hard work and determination found hope and vowed that as long as he lives, he will be an arm of hope to the hopeless and the vulnerable.
He envisioned a world where there would be less pain and suffering and as such committed himself sacrificially to contribute to the social development of the vulnerable. This is the story that gave birth to Arm of Hope Foundation. Thousands of the less privileged, orphans, widows, and neglected communities through the passion and sacrifice of his foundation has found hope and better living conditions.