Igwe Chibuzor Francis is a young man from Imo State, Nigeria. However, he was born with a disfigured right upper limb, that is, his right forearm had an abnormal anatomical structure which made it extremely difficult for him to do anything.

The young ambitious Francis became so frustrated and traumatized due to the limitation of performance as a result of his physical challenge. He was unable to handle or hold anything firmly. He approached Arm of Hope Foundation’s office in tears in the month of August, 2011 seeking for financial sponsorship for a surgery to restore or get his arm in a functional state to enable him restore his hope and dream of being self-reliant.
Fate smiled on him when the board of directors in line with our mission statement approved the sponsorship of his surgery which was carried out twice to correct the abnormal state of his arms. The first surgery was carried out on the 7th of September, 2011 and the second on the 7th of December, 2011.

Today, Mr. Francis‘hope and desire to be self-reliant has been achieved as the surgery was successful and the functions of his arm restored.

Scholarship was given to him by the foundation in the University of Port Harcourt where he is studying sociology and now Mr. Francis owns a laundry company making ends meet for himself and taking care of his widow mum.

Below are the pictures of Francis at Christiana Specialist Hospital Owerri, for the first time holding his X-ray after surgery and also flanked by Arm of Hope medical team who were in-charge of his care while in admission at the hospital.